Featured in an Article: Romance Author Keeps It Short and Sweet

Brooks Kohler, founder of Laptiast.com, was kind enough to write an article featuring my writing. As an author, it’s always touching when someone finds your work praiseworthy. Especially with lines like this:

“With an ability to craft a story in such a way it not only proves a pleasure to read but also forms a page turning plot, it’s easy to see why her work’s sought after by publications.”

The full article can be read here, and if you’re curious, my published stories can be found here. Please comment, like, and share. It fills my little, ol’ heart with glee when I see readers enjoying my work.

Also, Brooks is someone I’ve used as a beta reader in the past. He’s very skilled at pointing out the flaws in a plot and inconsistencies in a character, but what he does best is looking at the nitty-gritty details, such as too much detail vs. too little, talking to the reader vs. immersing the reader in the story, and unnecessary dialogue tags. If you’re a writer in need of a beta reader, I highly recommend him. He can be found at Laptiast.com.


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