The Witches of Pendle Hill

The Pendle Hill Witch trials are amongst the most famous in England's history. It's also one of the best recorded. Twelve witches stood accused of witchcraft, some bafflingly convinced of their own powers. Maybe that's why some claim the witches haunt Pendle Hill today...

50 Pride and Prejudice Quotes

Last month, I curated a blog post with 40 Jane Austen Quotes. These quotes were from Jane’s six novels and vast number of letters. There were so many quotes I wanted to include in the post that I had to axe for the sake of brevity. However, I couldn’t help myself in dedicating a blog post solely to quotes from my favorite of Jane’s novels, Pride and Prejudice. I’ll proudly admit that I have read this particular novel over at least a half dozen times and credit it as my segway into adoring everything about 19th century England. Please enjoy! I surely did when making my selection.

40 Quotes from Jane Austen

Jane Austen left more than six novels. She left two unfinished works, juvenilia, and letters to family and friends. It’s from these sources that we get little Austenian nuggets of wisdom, wit, romance, and hope for future generations. Here’s a few for your reading pleasure. 

The Ladies of Llangollen: Historians Call Them Friends

The Ladies of Llangollen, Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby, were two women that scandalized English society with their unconventional living arrangements. However, they made a number of friends and entertained several interesting guests, including Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, Anna Seward, Sir Walter Scott, and even the Duke of Wellington.

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