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The Horrific Murder of Mary Ashford

In May 1817, Mary Ashford walked with her friend Hannah Cox to attend a dance at the Tyburn House, a popular place in the locality of Erdington, England. She danced, laughed, and flirted the night away—but by sunrise, she was found dead.

Mary Prince: Author, Abolitionist, and Former Slave

Mary Prince was born into slavery in Bermuda. After passing through several slaveowners in the Caribbean, she was taken to England, where she shortly after left her master. She became an abolitionist and autobiographer, her written account being one of the few from women of African descent in the British colonies when slavery was legal.

40 Quotes from Lord Byron

Lord Byron is considered one of the greatest English poets. He established his popularity and legacy with long narrative works like Don Juan and Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. Several of his shorter more melodic poems also remain loved, such as “She Walks in Beauty,” “My Soul is Dark,” and “The Eve of Waterloo.” Considering his genius…

The Confession of Constance Kent

Constance Kent helped send a celebrated Scotland Yard investigator into early retirement with a cloud of ridicule and mockery hanging over him. However, it seemed that he might have been right all along. This is the confession of Constance Kent.

Ottobah Cugoano: A Man Radical For His Time

Ottobah Cugoano was captured off the Gold Coast and sold into slavery as a boy. Once he reached London, England, he found his freedom, learned to read and write, and fought like hell to put an end to slavery and the transatlantic slave trade.

The Tragic Murder of Jane Maria Clouson

Jane Clouson was tragically murdered at the age of 16 by someone who should have protected her. Instead, she was found bloodied on Kidbrooke Lane, London and died with the name of her murderer on her lips.


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