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AVAILABLE NOW! Autumn Noir: An Unsettling Reads Anthology

“The slide from Summer into Fall can sneak up on you, like footsteps keeping pace until they speed up and overtake you. We invited fellow writers and poets to create original pieces that would sweep us up in stories and poems about the other, moodier season of change. We received a cornucopia of work that skews… Continue Reading →

Autumn Noir: An Unsettling Reads Anthology

Looking for a book to get you in the Halloween spirit? Check out Autumn Noir: An Unsettling Reads Anthology, its pages packed with horror, thrillers, and mysteries by over 20 brilliant authors. My first attempt at something other than historical fiction will be included in this anthology in a contemporary suspense short called “Perdita’s Shoes.”… Continue Reading →

Short Story Alert! To Own Her Body

I’m beyond pleased to be the featured fiction contributor in New Reader Magazine’s latest issue. I discuss my creative process and making historical fiction appealing to a modern day audience in my interview on pg. 20, and my latest short story, To Own Her Body, is on pg. 36.

Upcoming Projects

Whew, the next few months will be busy! Check out these upcoming stories: a viscount hunts down his runaway bride, and this is anything but a love story; a lady’s companion gets more than she bargained for while her eccentric employers plan for a party without guests; and a grieving daughter finds her departed father’s twisted secret.

Fair Rosamund: The Legend of Henry II’s True Love

Rosamund Clifford, known as “Fair Rosamund” and the “Rose of the World,” has become the Helen of Troy of medieval England. More legend than fact surrounds her, but one thing is certain. She was the true love of King Henry II of England.

Dr. Thomas Neill Cream: “I am Jack…” the Ripper?

Dr. Thomas Neill Cream was convicted of murdering four prostitutes, and he was hanged for his crimes in November 1892. His executioner reported his last words being, “I am Jack…” before the noose snapped. Had Dr. Cream confessed to being Jack the Ripper?


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