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Whew, the next few months will be busy! Check out these upcoming stories: a viscount hunts down his runaway bride, and this is anything but a love story; a lady’s companion gets more than she bargained for while her eccentric employers plan for a party without guests; and a grieving daughter finds her departed father’s twisted secret.

Fair Rosamund: The Legend of Henry II’s True Love

Rosamund Clifford, known as “Fair Rosamund” and the “Rose of the World,” has become the Helen of Troy of medieval England. More legend than fact surrounds her, but one thing is certain. She was the true love of King Henry II of England.

Dr. Thomas Neill Cream: “I am Jack…” the Ripper?

Dr. Thomas Neill Cream was convicted of murdering four prostitutes, and he was hanged for his crimes in November 1892. His executioner reported his last words being, “I am Jack…” before the noose snapped. Had Dr. Cream confessed to being Jack the Ripper?

7 (Mis)Adventures of Lord Byron

Lord Byron was a man of scandal, romance, passion, and literary genius. Here’s 7 (mis)adventures of the man that was “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.”

The Weird and Whatnot Publication!

I’m so excited to have my story, “The Writer’s Glass Slipper,” included in the latest edition of the Weird and Whatnot!

This story started when I was cleaning my glasses and thought, “What if I wrote a story about haunted spectacles?” Creativity is a beautiful thing.

Kate Webster: The Female Sweeney Todd

Kate Webster’s (1849-1879) mark on history is as the “female Sweeney Todd” for murdering her employer, Julia Thomas, but before dismembering and boiling the bones off a corpse, Kate led a life filled with larceny, pick-pocketing, and petty crime.

15 Hilarious British Laws That Are Mind-Bogglingly Real

The United Kingdom has a rich and extensive history. This might not be more apparent than in the country’s legal history, with strange laws spanning from not wearing armor into the House of Parliament to ladies not eating chocolate on public transportation. Some laws are still enforced, but others are not. While this is definitely… Continue Reading →


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