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Kate Webster: The Female Sweeney Todd

Kate Webster’s (1849-1879) mark on history is as the “female Sweeney Todd” for murdering her employer, Julia Thomas, but before dismembering and boiling the bones off a corpse, Kate led a life filled with larceny, pick-pocketing, and petty crime.

15 Hilarious British Laws That Are Mind-Bogglingly Real

The United Kingdom has a rich and extensive history. This might not be more apparent than in the country’s legal history, with strange laws spanning from not wearing armor into the House of Parliament to ladies not eating chocolate on public transportation. Some laws are still enforced, but others are not. While this is definitely… Continue Reading →

Edith Lanchester: How A Victorian Feminist Ended Up In An Insane Asylum

In the Victorian era, insane asylums were a tool utilized by a patriarchal society in the oppression of women. While there were signs of feminism and women’s rights taking hold in the 19th century (i.e. bluestockings, feminist writers, women’s colleges, etc.), progression was slow. Women’s suffragettes, in England, wouldn’t see the fruits of their labor… Continue Reading →

6 Times Beau Brummell Was the Ultimate Diva

Beau Brummell took Regency England by storm with his devious good looks, witticism, and fashion sense. He was an ideal dandy, meaning a man who placed importance in his appearance, pursued his passions to the utmost, and adhered to romantic ideals.  Beau took these beliefs to heart, taking great pains with his wardrobe. He disdained… Continue Reading →

Abode of Love: Home to a Wacky Victorian Sex Cult

What images come to mind for the Victorian era? Maybe corsets, tea, and large country homes come to mind. Maybe the values of the time: wealth, family, morality, and strict gender roles (like divorce as a rare occurrence and society’s obsession with virginity). The last thing you might think of is a crazy sex cult… Continue Reading →

Romance or the Marriage Mart?: 10 Victorian Courtship Rituals

In the Victorian era, courtship was a business. There was even a term for it: “the marriage mart.” Dowries, lands, and titles served as motivators for selecting a life partner. A gentleman might ask, “Is her dowry large enough?” A lady might ask, “Is his title high enough?” a However, finding genuine love and affection… Continue Reading →


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