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6 Times Beau Brummell Was the Ultimate Diva

Beau Brummell took Regency England by storm with his devious good looks, witticism, and fashion sense. He was an ideal dandy, meaning a man who placed importance in his appearance, pursued his passions to the utmost, and adhered to romantic ideals.  Beau took these beliefs to heart, taking great pains with his wardrobe. He disdained… Continue Reading →

Abode of Love: Home to a Wacky Victorian Sex Cult

What images come to mind for the Victorian era? Maybe corsets, tea, and large country homes come to mind. Maybe the values of the time: wealth, family, morality, and strict gender roles (like divorce as a rare occurrence and society’s obsession with virginity). The last thing you might think of is a crazy sex cult… Continue Reading →

Romance or the Marriage Mart?: 10 Victorian Courtship Rituals

In the Victorian era, courtship was a business. There was even a term for it: “the marriage mart.” Dowries, lands, and titles served as motivators for selecting a life partner. A gentleman might ask, “Is her dowry large enough?” A lady might ask, “Is his title high enough?” a However, finding genuine love and affection… Continue Reading →

Short Story Performed on Tales to Terrify Podcast

Check out my most recent story! “The Scent of Lavender,” which started as a Jack the Ripper origin story but mutated into a monster of its own, was performed on the 441st episode of Tales to Terrify, a Hugo award-nominated podcast.


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