Updates from Katlandia: A Publication & A Nomination!!

Hello all,

Quite a bit has happened lately. Perhaps the most exciting was a recent publication in Books ‘N Pieces Magazine, an online magazine known for its interviews with bestselling authors. One of these authors (and my absolute favorite!) includes the impossibly talented George R.R. Martin. More about this interview can be learned here.

It’s absolutely amazing! I can say one of my modest short stories has been published in a magazine that’s interviewed one of my literary idols. So amazing, I’m using an abundance of sparking adverbs and dazzling adjectives!

My story, “Rose of the Sea,” can be found here in Books n’ Pieces Magazine. Here’s the premise for any interested parties:

Premise: Set in a rural village in Victorian England, Kitty waits for her beloved, a poet and a dreamer, to return from London. He promised to return to her once he found success, but instead, she receives a letter about how distance has not made his love grow fonder. Kitty is crushed by his rejection, but an apparition, a woman in white, might guide her to the love and belonging she seeks…

Read it here

Also, another story of mine, “Rose Without A Thorn,” was nominated for the Best of the Net. This was originally published in Bold + Italic in its debut issue. This story can be read here, and here’s the premise for any interested parties:

Premise: Henry VIII is an ailing king blinded by the charms of his young, pretty wife, Catherine Howard. Catherine finds passion—and excitement—in the arms of her younger paramour. But a love letter forces this scandal from the shadows of her bedchambers to the politics of the Tudor court. Will Henry VIII believe his rose does indeed possess a thorn?

If you’ve made it this far through my post, thank you for sticking with me! Your support as a reader means the world to me! Please like, comment, and share! I truly appreciate it!!!🙂

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