Publication in Suspense Magazine!

Please check out my latest publication! “Do You Hear the Coffin Bell?”, a Victorian short story filled with suspense, was republished in Suspense Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue.

Suspense Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue can be accessed here. Between interviews with the likes of Dean Koontz and Janet Evanovich in this issue, you can find little, ol’ me on page 21!

Story’s Blurb: Mary Smith thought she found a love match in George Blackbourne–until he passed away from a fatal illness. She grieved for her dead lover, but not for the reasons anyone thought. She loved him, yes, until she found a secret that shattered his near perfect image–a mistress and his child.

Now Mary keeps a secret of her own as she goes through the motions, mourning for a man who splintered her heart into pieces. Until the coffin bell rings, and the dead returns to life, revealing an even darker truth.

Read “Do You Hear the Coffin Bell?” here.

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