Publication! “When the Clock Stops” appeared in Ariel Chart in November 2018.

Another publication! “When the Clock Stops,” a dark story exploring Victorian superstitions about death, appeared in Ariel Chart on November 1, 2018. I wrote this story in three quick days, and it took an extra week to edit. It’s shorter than all my other published stories, but it still evokes all the themes of my writing: history, suspense, the supernatural, and romance.

Ariel Chart is dedicated to shorter fiction with 116, 578 page views as of November 13, 2018–and counting. I’m glad my story found a home here!

Here’s the premise of When the Clock Stops“:

It starts with a tick–or when the clock ticks no more. Someone’s dead, a loved one close to you. But who can it be? You stare at the hands, no longer pivoting, frozen on the minute a soul left a body. But who’s soul? Who’s body? Only time–and Death–will unravel the answer, but if only you could count the seconds.

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