Publication! “Our Dance” appears in August 2018 issue of Scarlet Leaf Review

I’m proud to say “Our Dance,” a dark love story, appeared in the August 2018 issue of Scarlet Leaf Review. It has taken two years to find a home for this story, which has always remained close to my heart, and I can’t believe I finally have the opportunity to share it with readers.

Scarlet Leaf Review is an online magazine based in Canada. It’s website has hit nearly 2.5 million hits in a span of more than three years. It’s a wonderful place to publish.

Here’s the premise for “Our Dance“:

Lady Emmeline is a grief-stricken woman trapped in a loveless marriage. She knew passion once, long ago. Now, she suffers from the repercussions of her choices. When her childhood friend, Agatha, writes to her, her husband gives his consent for her to visit the home she hasn’t seen in years.

There, she helps Agatha through the grief of her deceased brother, who happens to be her former lover. But he might not be as far away as Emmeline thinks, and he has a message for her to hear.

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