Looking for a feminist fairy tale? Try “A Most Charming Couple”

Whew! It’s been an active summer despite the pandemic. Last month I had a story featured in the horror fiction podcast, Tales to Terrify. That episode is still up in their archives, so if you love Jack the Ripper’s London, stop by and listen to “The Scent of Lavender“! The narrator will send chills rippling down your spine.

But enough of that! I’m here to talk about another story.

A Most Charming Couple,” a sweet, feminist fairy tale, was recently published in Corvid Queen. This story is about growing old, making new friends, and finding true love.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and taking care of themselves! If you’re looking for an escape from the craziness going on in the world, check out my short stories! Also, another publication will be coming out soon. Look out for “The Writer’s Glass Slipper” coming out October 2020 in The Weird and Whatnot.

Thank you for reading! Be well.

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