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Title: The Recluse

Premise: A man scorned. Sir Thomas Forge hides in the shadows of the British Museum, applying his historical know-how to the artifacts brought in from across the landscapes of Europe. He’s at home when alone with the Roman sculptures and Egyptian mummies, and that is how he prefers to be. Alone. Until one day, she walks in through the great institution’s halls seeking safety. A lady fallen. Cordelia Hill has fled her domineering uncle, who wishes to marry her off, but she refuses to have her match chosen for her. She would rather remain unmarried than trapped in marriage to the man who made her fall from grace. And Cordelia calls on an old favor to force Thomas’ hand and help her escape the match, but will they find love as he hides her in his shadows?

Genre: Historical romance.

Status: This project is in its formative stages. Names of characters and the premise are tentative and subject to change. I have also never published a novel, so this is not under contract, anywhere. Who knows if it will ever see the pages of a book?


Other Novel-Length Projects: 


Three Nights

All novels I write are historical romances. I never waiver from this genre when writing longer works. I have never published a novel, so many of these projects might never see the night of day.


Short Stories

Tragic shorts–sometimes short on the romance. 

My short stories have darkness, shadows, tragedy, and oftentimes the supernatural. Romance isn’t always apparent, as it always is in my novels, but common themes found in my writing are always present: tragedy, loneliness, and feelings of being the outsider always looking in.


Title: Untitled Story

Premise: Jack the Ripper origin story with a supernatural twist.

Genre: Short story, supernatural mystery.

Setting: Victorian era.

Status: Formative stages. Completed outline, just need to write the story.


TitleOur Dance

Premise: Lady Emmeline, an abused woman, is trapped in a loveless marriage. She’s only known passion once, but that was long ago. When her childhood friend, Agatha, writes to her, her husband gives his consent for her to visit the home she hasn’t seen in years. There, she helps Agatha through the grief of her deceased brother, who happens to be her former lover. But he might not be as far as Emmeline thinks, and he has a message for her to hear…

Genre: Romantic, supernatural short story.

Setting: Victorian era

Status: Finished second draft. Seeking beta reader.


Title: Lady of the Rain

Premise: Patience hears stories in the rain. Stories from far-off places, and she desires, more than anything else, to one day venture to those lands. Her father, however, has other plans and wants her to enter a respectable marriage with her childhood friend. Only, when her archaeologist uncle returns from Italy with an artistic masterpiece, a gift for her father, strange happenings begin to take place. Shadows in the halls, voices from unseen places. But when she meets the source of these oddities, she might find her strength to be the woman she’s always envisioned.

Genre: Short story with supernatural elements.

Setting: Victorian era

Status: Finished second draft. Seeking beta reader.


Title: Secrets in the Poison

Premise: Mabel lost her fiance, Nash, before she could say her vows. Sophia wrestles with the question of who murdered her brother. Albert longs to protect Mabel from her grief. And all the while, with motives boiling under the surface, the question stands: who murdered Nash?

Genre: Mystery, short story

Setting: Victorian era

Status: Finished second draft. Seeking beta reader.


TitleThe Last Breath

Premise: Colin Trenagon is travelling from London to visit his dying uncle, one last time. He stops at an inn for the night to rest his horse, and maybe to down a few glasses of brandy. But a visitor meets him in the darkest of the night. A visitor he thought lay dying, miles away….

Genre: Supernatural mystery, short story.

Setting: Victorian era

Status: Finished second draft. Seeking beta reader.


Title: A Favor

Premise: Dahlia dreams of winning the love of Lord Fittingly. She has no clue how to while she is the charity case of Lady Withingby, until one day she visits a jewelry shop with her benefactress. She sees the perfect diamond necklace on display. She imagines it dangling around her neck when she tries to seduce Lord Fittingly at an upcoming ball. When she tries to swipe the necklace, the shopkeeper catches her. But his own affections for her keep him from taking action against her. He asks her to keep the necklace long enough to wear to the ball, secretly hoping she will learn who truly loves her.

Genre: Historical romance, short story.

Setting: Regency era.

Status: Finished second draft. Seeking beta reader.

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