AVAILABLE NOW! Autumn Noir: An Unsettling Reads Anthology

“The slide from Summer into Fall can sneak up on you, like footsteps keeping pace until they speed up and overtake you. We invited fellow writers and poets to create original pieces that would sweep us up in stories and poems about the other, moodier season of change. We received a cornucopia of work that skews toward the gritty, the atmospheric, the strangely, dangerously beguiling. Some of the stories in this collection unfold their mysteries as gently as a wisp of chimney smoke. Others bring the heart-thumping thrills of an end-of-summer storm. Each of them brought their works to life with language as vibrant as Fall foliage and dialogue as crisp as Autumn air.

My short story, “Perdita’s Shoes,” is included in this chilling anthology alongside over 20 other writers of horror, suspense, and mystery. “Perdita’s Shoes” starts with a body washing up on a beach shore, and how it leads to a life-altering secret for a young woman named Rachel…

Available now on Amazon or through the publisher’s site!

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