Short Story Alert! To Own Her Body

I’m beyond pleased to be the featured fiction contributor in New Reader Magazine‘s latest issue. I discuss my creative process and making historical fiction appealing to a modern day audience in my interview on pg. 20, and my latest short story, To Own Her Body, is on pg. 36.

I don’t want to give too much away about To Own Her Body, but it’s a story told from the lens of a 19th century misogynist prancing about as a self-proclaimed gentleman, which was a fun POV to write in! I hope you walk away wanting to punch the narrator, Alexander Courtenay, the fourth Viscount Belgrave, in the face, because this story’s main theme centers on a woman’s autonomy.

Please read my story, and then I invite you to think about it. What’s a woman worth without her thoughts and opinions? Without love to give freely? What’s a woman without her autonomy?

Enjoy! You may find the interview and story here.

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