A Damsel in Bedlam: A Victorian Love Story Set in An Insane Asylum

“A Damsel In Bedlam” is one of those rare short stories where I cried while writing it. That’s how I knew this one was a gem, and what I consider one of my strongest and most ambitious works to date. I’m pleased to announce that this Victoria era love story story set in an insane asylum was recently published in the Summer 2020 issue of The Writing Disorder.

A little background on the story: William never expected to find his childhood sweetheart imprisoned in an insane asylum—and on his first day as Bedlam’s head steward. Eleanora is as beautiful as he last remembers, but her eyes seem haunted as she sits amongst the other patients, her hand moving in quiet circles, as if she’s painting. What led William’s first and only love to this place? And what can he do for her—if she’s not already beyond help?

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