Latest Publication! Life After Regret, a short story

My latest story came out in the first issue (April 2020) of Periwinkle Literary Magazine! What makes Periwinkle so special? “The goal of this magazine is the create a space for writers to succeed without it being considered academically correct.”

“Life After Regret” was a bit of a misfit story, because the setup is different from what I usually write. However, the idea for it sunk its claws into me and wouldn’t let go until I jotted it down on paper. Here’s a little about “Life After Regret.”

Dain watches as his ladylove weds another. He wonders how he’ll go on with his life, as he’s certain he’ll never find another woman to equal his Estrilda.

Enoch is keen on winning a bet against his closest, and most annoying friend, Jeffrey. All he needs to do is enter a church rumored to be haunted.

Two men from different time periods connected by one place, Minsbridge Chapel, England, meet in this chilling tale.

Read “Life After Regret” here.

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  1. Your story and writing kept me involved all the way, even though it’s a genre that doesn’t particularly interest me, to be honest. Therefore, I’d think that fans of that genre will love it.

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