Two Publications in ONE Day!

Whew, it’s been a busy day!

Two stories have emerged from the dusty confines of my Word Documents and found spots in magazines! The first story is “Our Dance,” which was previously published in Scarlet Leaf Review, has found a second home in The Magazine of History & Fiction. This wonderful magazine gives voice to historical fiction authors, as few magazines are dedicated exclusively to the genre. Give my story, and the other stories in this issue, a read!

Here’s a teaser for “Our Dance“:

Premise: Lady Emmeline is a grief-stricken woman trapped in a loveless marriage. She knew passion once, long ago. Now, she suffers from the repercussions of her choices. When her childhood friend, Agatha, writes to her, her husband gives his consent for her to visit the home she hasn’t seen in years. There, she helps Agatha through the grief of her deceased brother, who happens to be her former lover. But he might not be as far away as Emmeline thinks, and he has a message for her to hear.

Read here

The second story, “Lady of the Rain,” has taken more than two years to find a home. This story has a special place in my heart, because it’s a little biographical–minus the supernatural elements!

Literary Yard, rated one of the Top 100 Literary Blogs on the planet by, has accepted this story for publication. It’s one of the greatest online magazines based in India, and honestly, it’s just amazing my story found a home here!

Here’s a teaser for “Lady of the Rain”: 

Premise: This story follows Patience, a spinster with an interest in Roman antiquities. She desires to have her voice heard as an intellect, but trapped in the society of Victorian England, no one will listen to her theories. One theory is the identity of an unknown goddess. No man will give her credence, least of all her father, who plans to marry her off. It isn’t until Patience’s archaeologist uncle returns from Italy with an artistic masterpiece, a gift for her father, strange happenings begin to take place. Shadows in the halls, voices from unseen places. But when Patience meets the source of these oddities, she discovers an inner strength she never realized she possessed—hope, hope to become the woman she always envisioned.

Read here

Please, please, please read! Please like and share! Thank you to all the readers who support struggling writers like me.

Your Writer,

Kat Devitt

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