“Secrets in the Poison” published in Issue 181 of Squawk Back

Two years ago, I wrote “Secrets in the Poison.” It’s one of those stories I intended to return to, but a myriad of other stories filled my head. I shoved the manuscript into a drawer and started to work on other manuscripts. “Secrets in the Poison” collected dust.

It saw the light again when I decided to send the manuscript to Squawk Back a few months back. It was a stab in the dark. It wasn’t a manuscript I had the utmost confidence in, but I knew there was something special to the story. Something that deserved to be read. I’m so glad the editors at Squawk Back saw this, too.

Squawk Back was “baptized by fire” back in 2011. It has been described as interesting, thought-provoking, and unique. It’s one of those magazines I’ve admired for a long time, hoping to one day see my work alongside the transgressive works it publishes. Squawk Back isn’t afraid to break boundaries, and this is what drew me to this magazine. I hope it draws you in, too.

Here’s the premise to “Secrets in the Poison“: 

He never made it to the altar.

Poison. Who murdered him?

His adoring fiancé?

His longtime friend with a secret love?

Or his sister, his Eurydice to his Orpheus?

The murderer might not be known, but one thing is certain. Their secrets are in the poison.


Read “Secrets in the Poison” here.

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