Short Story Publication!: Rose Without A Thorn

“Rose Without A Thorn,” a story that took me a day to write and two days to edit, will be published in the first issue of Bold + Italic. This story revolves around the catalyst behind the downfall of Catherine Howard, King Henry VIII’s fifth wife.

I’m proud to announce this is my second publication. A third publication is due out August 2018 with Scarlet Leaf Review, this story entitled “Our Dance.” Please keep an eye out for this story and future stories!

Here’s what “Rose Without A Thorn” is about. Enjoy the tease: King Henry VIII adored her. He called her his “rose without a thorn,” but she betrayed him in the most vile way imaginable. She gave into a passionate affair with one of his courtiers right under his nose. Until a damning letter is discovered. This is the historical reimagining of the beginning of Catherine Howard’s downfall as the fifth wife of England’s most tyrannical king.

Read here.

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