The Enduring Writer: My First Publication, Rose of the Sea

My first publication. My pride in this achievement has no boundaries, because the art of writing is difficult. From putting words to a page to publication. Each of the steps requires endless dedication and belief in yourself as a writer. It’s moments like these that glimmer in a writer’s memory to chase away self-doubt and fuel the continuation of an art.

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Please take a moment to read my first publication. This is a short story called “Rose of the Sea” published in TWJ Magazine‘s April 2018 issue. Here’s a little tease that will maybe convince you to click the link below *insert winky face here*:

Premise: Set in a rural village in Victorian England, Kitty waits for her beloved, a poet and a dreamer, to return from London. He promised to return to her once he found success, but instead, she receives a letter about how distance has not made his love grow fonder. Kitty is crushed by his rejection, but an apparition, a woman in white, might guide her to the love and belonging she seeks…

Read “Rose of the Sea” here.

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