The Enduring Writer: My First Publication!

Every writer suffers from periods of doubt. Voices whisper in the writer’s ear asking questions that can’t be brushed aside.

Will my work standout? I know I’m a good writer, but will anyone else see that? Are my stories enough?

These questions can cripple any aspiring writer before the pen touches the page.

Why should I write if I’m going to fail? I should just stick to my day job. I’m too tired to write. I only want to go home tonight to eat pizza and watch Netflix. 

It’s too easy to fall prey to this negativity.

Why should I try?

No writer should listen to these voices. Brush those voices aside. I’ve suffered from periods of doubt these last few months with similar thoughts swirling in my head, but I’ve persevered and pushed through. And you know what, it’s proven worthwhile.

All a writer can do is persevere. CREDIT: Wayne Lawler, Rights Managed /

Today I can say I have a reason to brush this doubt aside. My first publication will appear in TWJ Magazine. My short story, “Rose of the Sea,” will appear in the magazine’s April 2018 issue. I’m thrilled to announce this, but I also want to use this as an example of perseverance.

I won’t give up on writing. Ever. Regardless of success or failure, I will keep writing. It’s what I look forward to after a long day in the office. It’s what gives my life wings, it’s when I can be myself, completely. A writer should not give up if the act of writing makes him or her feel this way.

Replace those negative voices with positivity.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I don’t expect to become a success overnight. But I’ll keep building by writing everyday and honing my craft. 

Remind yourself why you enjoy writing.

I love to create stories from nothingness. I love breathing life onto a page. I love writing. I love writing. 

And, of course, remind yourself who you are.

I am a writer. So, gosh darn it! Instead of just saying I am one, I am going to write today. 

When doubt strikes, a writer must chase away those negative voices. Focus on the positive. Keep trudging forward. Every challenge will make you a thousand times more appreciative with each success. Persevere. Endure. WRITE.

Vector illustration IInkwell and feathers
Persevere. Endure. WRITE. CREDIT: Ingram Publishing, Royalty Free /
Please keep an eye out for my upcoming publication. My short story, “Rose of the Sea,” will be published in the April 2018 issue of TWJ Magazine. I’ll announce its publication on this blog and through social media, so make sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!
Here’s what “Rose of the Sea” is about. Enjoy the tease!:  Set in a rural village in Victorian England, Kitty waits for her beloved, a poet and a dreamer, to return from London. He promised to return to her once he found success, but instead, she receives a letter about how distance has not made his love grow fonder. Kitty is crushed by his rejection, but an apparition, a woman in white, might guide her to the love and belonging she seeks…

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